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Scripture Focus:
John 19:1-11

"Have nothing to do with that righteous man..."

That portion of Scripture is not recorded in John, but we will review some supporting material from the Synoptic Gospels this Sunday.  Please read John Chapter 19: 1-11 but also take a look at Matthew 27:19.

We utter the words that God is sovereign, but at times it is hard to understand how He works in and through horrible situations.  He allows evil but He isn't the author of evil.  He loves evil people, but not their actions.  He loves sinners and is willing to forgive anyone who repents.  He is an amazing God, but He is a God that is hard to understand at times.  Especially when things aren't going in our favor.

I was recently talking to someone who felt they had been treated poorly by others.  Fortunately, our study of John has given me a more godly view of how Jesus endured injustice on our behalf.  Nothing we encounter on this side of the cross is comparable to Jesus' suffering.  He truly understands what it means to be human!  Yet I don't understand what it means to be God.  

We know that it was God's will for Jesus to suffer and die as a sacrificial lamb.  I admit that at times it is hard for me to read the passion story because it isn't fair the way Jesus was treated by religious and government leaders.  I actually want Him to fight and put those bullies in their place, but God is loving and patient.  The day of justice will come and it will prevail.

In our study we are encountering some unsavory people who will be held accountable for their sinful activity against Jesus.  They were tools of Satan, but also under the sovereign control of God.  Please also read Genesis 50:19-20.

God gave sinful people multiple chances to avoid a bad personal decision.  For example, God orchestrated a dream and a message that Pilate's wife delivered to her husband.  She said to leave the righteous man alone because she had suffered because of Pilate's interaction with Him.   

Because of political pressure and cowardnesss, Pilate made the wrong decision about Jesus, but God was not surprised.  He had created the story of salvation many years before.  He allowed evil to exist, attack his son and reside in other humans, but his dedication to the 

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Gospel of John Bible Study Overview: 

What was the purpose of John's Gospel account?  You can discover John's Holy Spirit directed goal by first reading John 20:30.  

Essentially John stated that he wished to bring readers to faith/belief that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of God.  But what is faith and belief?  It is more than an intellectual acceptance of the historic life of Jesus. Instead our faith and belief in Christ is to be transformational.  We are to be transformed by the presence of Jesus our Savior and Creator in our lives and reject being controlled by the things the world values and the yearning of our appetites and shallow desires. 

In the minds of many Jews and Gentiles, a carpenter from Nazareth seemed like an unlikely candidate for the role of Messiah. Then again many of our friends, family and neighbors share that same mindset today!

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