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Scripture Focus:
John 10:1-21

Background verses: Ez. 34:1-16,  Zech. 11:17,  JN 9:34-41

This week's Scripture passage talks about sheep and shepherds but the topic at hand is the blind man whom Jesus healed.  He was thrown out of the synagog by the Pharisees because he would not condemn Jesus or affirm the poor thinking of the religious hypocrites.  He essentially testified that he didn't know anything about Jesus, but knew that once he was blind and now he could see!

The parable that Jesus tells after the encounter with the blind man and Pharisees' response addressed the roles and responsibility of a shepherd.  The business of shepherding is a foreign career path in our high-tech country.  I read where one pastor associated the role with that of a kindergarden teacher.  That maybe a valid comparison as children and sheep must be cared for, protected and directed by a benevolent leader for their safety and provision.

How shall we adapt this passage to our daily walk with God?  

First we'll try to understand what it means to perform the role and responsibility of a shepherd. That discussion will give us insight to how Jesus views His relationship with us. Additionally, our Bible study should lead us into talking about what it means to be sheep and what constitutes "an enemy or thief".  Finally, knowing interesting Bible "sheep facts" is interesting but won't be enough to sustain us in our walk, so be thinking about how the Holy Spirit is leading you to apply this lesson.

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Gospel of John Bible Study Overview: 

What was the purpose of John's Gospel account?  You can discover John's Holy Spirit directed goal by first reading John 20:30.  

Essentially John stated that he wished to bring readers to faith/belief that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of God.  But what is faith and belief?  It is more than an intellectual acceptance of the historic life of Jesus. Instead our faith and belief in Christ is to be transformational.  We are to be transformed by the presence of Jesus our Savior and Creator in our lives and reject being controlled by the things the world values and the yearning of our appetites and shallow desires. 

In the minds of many Jews and Gentiles, a carpenter from Nazareth seemed like an unlikely candidate for the role of Messiah. Then again many of our friends, family and neighbors share that same mindset today!

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