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Scripture Focus:
John 14: 15-31 - The Upper Room Teaching

Construction in the Akins house continues to unfold, just as Jesus' teaching continued to unfold during the upper room meal.  Once you enter our house, you can see a big change and know that more change is coming.  Jesus was telling his followers that big change was on the way and in fact his teaching revealed a continuation from the unchanging foundation of Old Testament teaching.  Just as the foundation of our house has not changed, there are substantial changes in our home.  

The changes Jesus taught about in the upper room and that we have covered so far are:

1. He gave them a new command to love the way He loves.  And He washed their feet to show them a new love.

2. He opened up a new hope of a heavenly home that He is preparing.

This Sunday we will read about topic #3, His promise of "another": The Holy Spirit.  We will study about the identity and role of the Holy Spirit over the next few weeks.

Upper room #4 revelation is that the Holy Spirit will reside in them

We always look forward to visiting with you Sunday evening for dinner or via the internet.  You'll be surprised at the changes in our house. When this is all done we'll have a special celebration!

In Christ,
Lyn & Terry

Remote user Bible study participation:

If you would like to join our Bible study, we offer a video remote access through Google+ "hangouts" beginning at 5:30 PM (EST). Please email us for instructions on how to join us remotely.

For those who can attend Bible study in person, we will see you Sunday at 5:00 PM for dinner!

Gospel of John Bible Study Overview: 

What was the purpose of John's Gospel account?  You can discover John's Holy Spirit directed goal by first reading John 20:30.  

Essentially John stated that he wished to bring readers to faith/belief that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of God.  But what is faith and belief?  It is more than an intellectual acceptance of the historic life of Jesus. Instead our faith and belief in Christ is to be transformational.  We are to be transformed by the presence of Jesus our Savior and Creator in our lives and reject being controlled by the things the world values and the yearning of our appetites and shallow desires. 

In the minds of many Jews and Gentiles, a carpenter from Nazareth seemed like an unlikely candidate for the role of Messiah. Then again many of our friends, family and neighbors share that same mindset today!

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