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Sunday Evening Bible Study

Current Study & Focus:
"The Book of Ephesians"

Welcome to our study on the Book of Ephesians!  This book was originally a letter written by the Apostle Paul during his time of captivity in Rome around AD 60.  Ephesians is one of the four prison letters authored by Paul which include Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon.

We will begin our study with the basic Who, What, When, Where, and Why questions of investigation reporting in relation to this letter.

Who: The Apostle Paul identifies himself twice in the letter

When: Likely during Paul's third missionary trip around AD 60

Where: Written in captivity, rented quarters with a Roman guard, as mentioned in Acts 28:30. Delivered to the church in Ephesus, which was a leading center for the Roman Empire.

What: It is a letter addressed to the church members in Ephesus (located in modern day Turkey) but also distributed to other churches for reading aloud.  Originally, there were no chapters or verse numbers in the letter.  Those references are added throughout your Bible to aid in your study.

Why: Paul was concerned of false teachers of perverse things as mentioned in Acts 20:29-30.

But Paul's focus wasn't limited to a defensive posture, he desired that the followers maintain their vibrancy for their love of Christ and in turn their love of others.  

His  letter instructed the listener to "love" as he uses two forms (noun and verb) of that word 19 times in this book. Of all of Paul's writings, the word love is used here more than 1/6 of the time.  He states that God loves the Jew and Gentile equally.  He even wrote Timothy, who became minister in Ephesus, (1Tim 1:4-5) that the goal his instruction was to teach "love, which comes from a pure heart and good conscience and sincere faith".

In chapters 1-3 Paul focuses on doctrine and in chapters 4-6 he applies the teaching to the conduct of Christ's followers.  

Week 1 assignment: This is a short book that you can easily read in one sitting. Read all six chapters together as that will give you a more complete picture of Paul's message. You may also want to use a different Bible translation/transliteration during the week.

On 4/19 Sunday evening we will start our study using a survey approach with the "8 unique things" that happened to Paul when he was on his missionary trip in Ephesus. Those events are mentioned in Acts in chapters 19 and 20.  Understanding the environment and culture of Ephesus will aid in our understanding the message of his letter in context.

We look forward to seeing you for dinner, or via the internet on Sunday evening!

Study Completed 04/12/15

Our current Bible Study uses the DVD teaching tool developed by our friend and former pastor Chip Ingram of "Living on the Edge" (www.lote.org).   It addresses the A.W. Tozer quote "What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us."  Chip has taken that train of thought and developed a ten week course covering the attributes of God: Goodness, Holiness, Love, Justice, Faithfulness, Wisdom, Sovereignty, Faithfulness and more.  

Our goal is to uncover poor thinking about God that is often based upon our experiences, incorrect teaching, and negative messages from our culture.  God speaks directly through His word and it is through that medium that we can hear the truth and compare it our false doctrine and attitudes.  

Each week we review scripture, answer a few pre-meeting questions, view Chip's DVD together and discuss our application of the what we are discovering.

Let us know if you would like to join our study!  We began with a causal dinner at 5 PM and are finished by 7 PM.

In Christ,

Remote user Bible study participation:

If you would like to join our Bible study, we offer a video remote access through FaceTime, Skype, or Google+ "hangouts" beginning at 5:30 PM (EST). Please email us for instructions on how to join us remotely.

For those who can attend Bible study in person, we will see you Sunday at 5:00 PM for dinner!

Gospel of John Bible Study Overview - completed fall 2014: 

What was the purpose of John's Gospel account?  You can discover John's Holy Spirit directed goal by first reading John 20:30.  

Essentially John stated that he wished to bring readers to faith/belief that Jesus was the Christ and the Son of God.  But what is faith and belief?  It is more than an intellectual acceptance of the historic life of Jesus. Instead our faith and belief in Christ is to be transformational.  We are to be transformed by the presence of Jesus our Savior and Creator in our lives and reject being controlled by the things the world values and the yearning of our appetites and shallow desires. 

In the minds of many Jews and Gentiles, a carpenter from Nazareth seemed like an unlikely candidate for the role of Messiah. Then again many of our friends, family and neighbors share that same mindset today!

Video clip of our our study completed Summer 2014:

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