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Study Group Overview

Purpose:  The purpose of the study group is for the participant to join a community of fellow believers who are mutually seeking friendship, knowledge and enjoyment of their Lord and Savior. The study is open to all believers and seekers of the Christian faith regardless of age, denomination or religious background.  We are all equal at the foot of the cross and everyone will be treated with dignity and grace.  

Structure: The study group will supplement the participant’s small group and church relationships, but the meeting is not designed to compete with or become a substitute for a church relationship.   The social aspects of the traditional small group dynamic will be limited so that the Study Group can focus on in-depth Christian studies during our brief time together

Each module will last from 4-6 weeks and are stand-alone units.   Participants may enroll and attend the meetings on the topics that interest them.  The study modules include religious topics, books of the Bible, and systematic theology.  Pre and post meeting reading assignments will provided on this website.

Prayer time: Participants will be handed a 3x5 card to record their private prayer requests.  These anonymous prayers will be placed in a basket to be prayed over by the group as a whole.  The participant will be responsible for recording and tracking God’s interaction with their prayer requests.  Participant's may choose to share the prayer or keep it confidential. 

Confidentiality: Everything discussed inside and outside of the study group is to remain confidential.  Nothing shared confidentially will be repeated during the meeting or outside of the meeting without the participant’s knowledge and approval.

Study module:  Length & frequency will be 4-6 contiguous weeks per topic.  At times a study guide will be utilized by the group and provided before the first class. Participants should bring their Bible and a note pad on each Sunday evening. 

Day and time: Sunday evenings 6:45-8 pm beginning January 21, 2018 and continuing for 5 contiguous Sundays

Current Study: "Walking with God in the Desert" a 6 week DVD program produced by Focus on the Family. (additional details)

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